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La Mara footwear & Accessories, a division of the Levitech Group, is founded by one of the most influential individuals in South Africa’s Footwear industry.

For us, its not only about selling a shoe or an accessory, it’s about the experience, It’s the inspiration you feel when putting together a new look, the creativity of flirting with fresh styles. It’s about discovery and freedom in fashionable footwear that is affordable.

La Mara is a new venture created to appeal to a more youthful charismatic world. Whether it’s in our shoes, or our online presence, our environments capture the essence of our campaign and engage our clientele with the latest trends at incredibly approachable prices. Our concept mix sleek contemporary materials, attractive textures and eye-catching colours to create a playful and inspiring environment for our customers; a unique trend destination showcasing our accessible and fashionable collection where individuality and self-expression collide.

The Levitech Group has a strong presence in South Africa, and with the La Mara brand being fairly new,

the experience and expertise behind the brand is quite impressive and well known in the industry.

With 27 years of Industry experience

Founder of Mirelli footwear Wholesalers

Founder of Soloshoes (+/- 50 stores nationwide)

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience

Kind Regards

Asgar & Hajeera Suliman